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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Очень холодно!

It is terribly cold here in Belgium. Yesterday it was about
-10°C. With our maritime climate, we are not used to it. A little snow on top of it yesterday evening during peak time and we broke our record of kilometers traffic jam. Winter tyres become worthwile considering...

My Polish colleague tells me it was -27°C in Poland that same day. But people are used to it there, is her opinion, and houses are isolated well. Still...

On the Russia Today website, I read that Ukraine had
-35°C and that  there are already hundreds of deaths in Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe. Horrible!

Russia Today ends with some good advice: "Dieting is strictly discouraged – consume enough food and drink to allow the body to keep generating heat." Ha, can do that! Will do immediately :-)


  1. My parents who live in Siberia said that it was -47C last night. Not the right weather for any outdoor activities. In fact, Siberia has the infrastructure fitted to the weather like this. Thicker walls, smaller windows and better insulation, central heating system. Also, a proper diet (lots of meat, considerable amount of fat) and warm clothes (fur hats and coats, wool pants, mittens and socks) help to stay warm. I found that in Poland and other European countries heating system and houses are not suitable for that temperature.

  2. -47°C! Makes our -10°C look like a joke, yet people are shivering and complaining here (me included :-)). It is true we are not equipped for it. Interesting to read all this, Eugenia!