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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Last night I went through lesson 5. I was in my first year of Russian evening class when we learned this chapter and as I already told you I was pregnant at the time. At Easter I gave birth to a lovely daughter. During the holidays... that was convenient, as I wasn't going to miss Russian classes then. But then my eldest daughter got one of these childhood diseases and my husband urgently needed to be operated on his arm. On top of a few weeks old baby who needed to be breastfed every few hours. Who makes it to Russian evening class then? I didn't. After a few weeks, I sent a panicky mail to my teacher stating that I thought I would never be able to catch up anymore. I have an experienced teacher :-) and she calmly proposed me just to come to one of the following lessons to find out whether that was the case. This did the trick...
Yet, lesson 5 never really made it to my memory. Going to a shop, ordering things and paying for it in rubles and kopeks... it will never be my strongest skill. A plea for going to the classes as much as possible.
And in the meantime, the countdown goes on. 5 lessons out of 24 and less than two weeks to go. Doesn't look good, does it?


  1. Derivative of your progress appears to be negative, hence estimates for your total effort come out at about you getting stuck in the seventh chapter by the beginning of classes.
    I guess that'll be 6,5 chapters more than most of your classmates did.