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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The moment of truth

5 lessons it was and 5 lessons it still is. Out of 24! And tonight is our first REAL lesson!!
Saying that I didn't make it, is more than an understatement. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable about going to class tonight. Will we rehearse in class? Experience tells me not; we're supposed to come back knowing what we knew end of June. And I don't.
What excuses do I have? I had other 'more urgent' things to do. Back to school season: registering the daughters for dance and gym classes, schoolbags and clothes to buy,... Fair enough. But then I also started trying to bring order in my house, which was definitely less urgent than going through my Russian books (chaos is in my house for a few years now).
Procrastination, they tend to call it. I have nothing to add.

NB: Despite my guilt feelings... I am still looking forward to the new textbook...

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  1. Procrastination is like when you feel like you wanna go and wax your car instead of study - Robert Bowen. That was, study accounting. I don't know about Russian though.